"He who fights monsters should see to it that in the process, he doesn’t become a monster. "
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

OOC: A tiny break from this tumblr

Nothing serious; just that my computer’s been taken to get fixed and all the reaction pictures are there. One simply can’t RP without reaction pictures.

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Is it hard for you to find a pair of tants that fit your large musclelicious thighs? —Anonymous

This right here’s been sitting in my inbox quite a long goddamn while now——and I still got no cure for this speechlessness.

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What's your biggest regret that happened outside of your Programs? —Anonymous



Got those that kinds to share, no doubt.

No particular moment to dish out for ya, but it all’s filed under failing to learn from my own good ol’ mistakes.

Christ——do I not preach enough ‘bout it, whenever, wherever, given the chance and end up not going by my own beliefs.

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I really love your friendship with U!Kazuo, it's really adorable! —Anonymous

… ?

Adorable' … 'Friendship' … you say.

How accurate’s the use of those words, mixed in together——who knows.

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Lighters of the Vietnam War

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OMG, OMG, ~fangirl moment~ Kawada Shogo <3 —fantasma-vingador


A—h … Huh. Last time I checked, that’d be correct.

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Finger ur butt —Anonymous



Have heard that one before.

Twice, to be exact.

Turned down the offer, both times—third time ain’t the charm today, either.


X-Ray Gifs

Cameron Drake

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Shogo Kawada Sim

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