"He who fights monsters should see to it that in the process, he doesn’t become a monster. "
-- Friedrich Nietzsche
fuck a boy —Anonymous


    That sure is a request you’ve got there.

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Battle Royale + Tumblr quotes ( part 1/? )

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"The truth may hurt, but lies kill."

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c l o s e d rp


"A simple cut— o-ow!” she said, holding her own against a glass window. Tears were brimming in her eyes, she didn’t want to admit it, but it did actually /hurt/.  

She doubled around, now looking at him. 

"Okay, maybe it -does- hurt." her hand still gripping the wall, firm like a boulder.

     ”Simple cut, my ass,” he huffed, “simple cuts don’t make you cry out prayers aimed at the downstairs.”


   He let out a sigh, tossing away the cigarette he hadn’t gotten to finish just yet and stepped closer.  Without another word, he took a firm grasp on her arm. He nodded towards a bench not too far away.

     ”Gonna drag you there, you liked it or not. An end of your run either way.”

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c l o s e d rp


"Hmph. I don’t have time for this; I’ve got to get going anyways." she scowled, brushing her hair back out of her face so she could see properly. 

She stepped one foot to the right of Kawada before noticing a sharp a pain rocketing through her right leg, causing her to howl in agony. “SHI-T!”. She had to have done something to it, but she didn’t know what. Could she continue running home or would she need help from the cinder block wall?

     ”We’ve got plenty’a time to waste this time around, kid,” he taunted calmly, as Chigusa made her move to get past him and continue her day.

   That was before he heard the song of his people—a curse escaping the lips that didn’t belong to him. He turned to face the girl again, his eyebrow raised to question what the fuck was that for.

     ”…An owie?” he assumed. A big one too, to get that sort of content out of this girl.

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c l o s e d rp



Her mood had gone from an ecstatic euphoria of happiness, to the rock bottom, sweltering, anger of ‘Robo-Bitch’.

"W-What!? As -IF- I’d be stalking you." she bit her mouth, and looked at him, "Damn ruined my runner’s high, shit…" 

She proceeded to  tuck one leg under the other, and raised her self up, bringing her self to eye level with Kawada. She didn’t notice it until now, but she badly scrapped her knee, she wouldn’t give him the joy of her being hurt though, this was a standoff, and one of the things Takako was good at was standing her ground.

This was not one of those situations unfortunately.

     ”Damn better if you don’t,” not much minding her fit, he brought the cigarette back to his lips, “ain’t nothing more than waste of your time.”

   Not even as much as flinch at her unfriendly, maybe even threatening appearance, he exhaled smoke through his lips.

     ”…’Ruined your runner’s high’? Not me bumpin’ into people, is it? Tough luck’s a thing these days.”

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c l o s e d rp


“That’s it—!” Takako was thinking aloud to herself, her eyes sharp as razors and her mouth in a twisted grin “Almost there!”. Her muscles were aching, they were lactating acid, but she wasn’t going to give up that easily. All those years on the track team wouldn’t stand against this, until suddenly she ran straight into something, feeling an immense shock as she fell forward.


   Had it only been yet another day of nothingness—of the usual, that is, but a change of his daily routine had just bumped into him.


   He did not have the motivation to deal with people. With strangers even less so. He gave out a sigh as he turned slightly to register who had it been to stumble into him.

     ”…Ah—?" he blinked, lowering his hand holding a cigarette, "Chigusa. I’ve got a stalker?"

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"Being good is hard. Being ‘bad’ is cheating, because then you can blame your mistakes on being bad instead of taking responsibility for them. Stop being lazy."


Art by Andi Soto | Noriko | Battle Royale

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Back here, huh? —ask-shogo-kawada


Yeah, nothing to do lately. May as well make a blog, right? “

     Nothing, is it?

      Gonna fill your days just nicely, I bet.

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